I once saw a woman sitting under a tree

She just looked and listened

No words slipped through the crevices of her lips

I watched her as she watched them

Some would get smiles while others got frowns

Then one day she cried

She cried watching the little black boy explain to the policeman that he was just going home and wasn’t suspicious as the people had labeled him

She cried for the little black girl that got snatched into a van but no one heard her cries

She cried as she listened to the black man explain to his wife that he got denied another position because his past just wouldn’t let him go

She cried for that black woman who told her friend forget her child’s father she didn’t need him just like she didn’t have one as a child.

As her tears ran down her face, her sorrow filled the earth, and the world felt her pain.

And as the world felt her pain, my heart began to hurt when I looked at her and she looked at me.

“Do you see,” She asked, “Do you see what we have become?”

Her words drawing me closer and closer until we’re face to face and her hand touches my cheek with her tear filled smile and I realize who she is.

The woman sitting under the tree

The woman taking all this in with much pain and sorrow

The woman disappointed in the world

was me….

She dwelled at the bottom of the sea
Heartbroken from what they had done to her
They came like a thief in the night
All that she knew, they took
Her children were gone and so was her home
Placed on a strange boat to a strange land
They took everything from her except her pride
Her pride would not allow her to cower and hide from them
She would leave this world before she gave the last of her to them
Just as they came is how she left
Into the water and away from it all
She gave herself freely to a body that asked for nothing
Mother Yemaya could take her; those strange people were not worthy
Last breath taken when new life began
She dwelled at the bottom of the sea
With her arms stretched open wide
Embracing all those who wished to be free.