The Feeling of Love

I wanna know love,

I wanna know everything there is to know about that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

I wanna know the feeling of your skin brushing against my arm and the softness of your lips pressed against mine.

Our heartbeats in sync like the best drummers on the drum line as the majorettes dance in the depths of our souls.

I wanna know the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Those moments are what’s going to help define us.

Our story will be greater than any story ever told.

Our children and their children will talk about it for years as the blueprint to what love is.

They’ll talk about how we weathered the storm and went on to live a life of pure happiness.

How you used to hold my hand and tell me to smile because it can’t rain all the time.

How you used to get me so angry only to fill me with laughter until I forget why I was angry.

How we bought our dream house and sat on the porch at sunset drinking tea while the grandchildren played in the front yard.

And most importantly, how when I closed my eyes for the last time, your kiss was the last to touch my lips before you joined me.

And our love, even in transition shook the heavens to announce our arrival.


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