Introvert Life

Photo captured after my morning meditation

While everyone is sitting at home going stir crazy because of Covid-19 shutting everything down, I’m happily in my home reading books, watching documentaries, and meditating while my children fill my home with the rowdiness that would normally be seen in the outside world. I have my balance. As an introvert, Here is where I feel less drained from being around a lot of people and less of a chance of having that awkward moment where a random person wants to have a conversation about something I know nothing about, but feel inclined to talk because I was raised with too much respect to come off as disrespectful to anyone.

Quarantine life is not so bad to me. I do it with ease because it pretty much my everyday life. Now there are moments where I’d like to go do the little things that I used to like go to Hobby Lobby, go to the movies, or even a random date night with my husband, but even that moment is fleeting. I always wonder if a time will come where I experience a shift that makes me want to be around groups of people and embrace random conversations, but even as I write this I cringe and hope it never happens.

2 thoughts on “Introvert Life

  1. Those stay away or I’ll Lysol you vibes! Quarantine is normal life for my homebody energy. 😂

  2. I am going absolutely mad, because I don’t go places in general, but the few places I did used to go where I got to visit with people I like are now closed. But as for big groups, I can’t handle that, so I don’t miss not having that in my life.

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