Those Were The Days

Fill me with the nostalgia of my childhood

Remind me of the long days outside filled with nothing but careless playing

Those were the days

No worries of the world that the adults conquer daily

Although we can’t wait to be grown

Right now we just want to enjoy the moment

Ride with me on our bikes around the many streets with nothing but the wind hitting our face as we race

It’s your turn to help twist the ropes as I double Dutch to the rhyme of the fire bell, ready to jump out on my birthday

Feel the chalk on our hands from the many squares we had to draw for hopscotch

Red light green light to the curb as we

hear the ice cream truck coming around the corner ready to take our money that we had to promise to be really good to get

And just as we get ready to start an intense round of kickball,

Look up and see the streetlight come on

Everyone groans before heading in many directions to make it home

And finally when you rest you head at night

Fall into a peaceful slumber thinking about how it’ll all happen again tomorrow

Yes, Those were the days


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  1. I long for my growing days in rural Africa
    Where our football was unripe oranges
    And tasty Egusi soup prepared granny
    The hills and trees are my brothers
    Waterfalls my hideout when I commit mischief
    And dreams were full of starry nights

    Nice poem, takes me back to m own nostalgia


    • Thank you! That sounds amazing. I can’t wait until the day I can visit Africa. It’s number one on my list of places to travel to next.

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