This Moment In Time

I remember walking along the beach,

The sky was painted in red and orange,

The sun was a dim glow fading away,

I wished for you,

My stubbornness wouldn’t allow me to call,

I know the argument was stupid, but who apologizes first?

I find a spot and become lost in my thoughts,

It was all so simple before you said those three words,

Why couldn’t we just leave things the way they were?

I know, because the heart wants what it wants,

Mines has wanted you since the first evening we met,

I was walking with my head down and you made some little remark that got my attention,

I was a goner from there,

Time sped up and months later you’ve thrown me for a loop,

Looking in my eyes you murmured, “I love you.”

Now why did you have to ruin it?

You didn’t know that deep down I’m afraid of being loved and left,

Instead of telling you I place my guards up again,

Here I am hours later in this spot thinking about the stupid argument I started instead of taking a leap of faith and saying what was in my heart.

Maybe it’s not too late, maybe if I come back and tell you the truth you’ll forgive me.

Jumping up, I turn in the direction of home and there you are,

Arms stretched open wide for me to be embraced,

I do so without hesitation and when the feeling is right I capture this moment in time while whispering, “I love you.”

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