Lost In Thought

It’s raining and I’m lost in my thoughts of you

Alone in the darkness with nothing but the sound of the rain against my window

I think of the time when it was you and I together doing the same thing

As we laid next to each other we shared thoughts of our future

The future where we become husband and wife

The future where us two becomes four with our boy and girl

The future where I am a successful author and you have your flourishing business

The future where we live in nothing, but happiness with a smidge of upset moments

The world will be ours and nothing can stop us

So lost in my thoughts, I didn’t hear the door open

The dip of the bed as you lie next to me is the announcement that you’re home

All those things that we talked about have come true

And now we lay here together in comfortable silence listening to the rain like we used to

Surrounded by our love and the sounds of the rain

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