Unprivileged In A Privileged World

As I watch the news recently about Sean Reed and hearing the detective joke about his funeral being a closed casket my heart hurts. While this young man was laying lifeless in the street without being covered up, that was something to laugh about? I still cannot figure out what he did that was so wrong that caused him to lose his life. Many will say, he shouldn’t have ran or he posed a threat. Eye witnesses say that he only had his phone and his shirt while running away. That seems accurate since he was filming on Facebook live the whole time.

Now I know many people at this point are saying they are tired of hearing about this kind of stuff, there is no such thing as racism, talking about it makes it worse, and there is no difference people just need to work harder for what they want. In the eyes of myself and many people of color that is bull. This is something we live with everyday whether we want to or not. There is no option. We must talk about it or else no one would know about it. Just look at Ahmaud Arbery. It took two months for the world to know what happened to him to get the ball rolling. How many others do we not know about?

As for him not running away, well the truth of the matter is he could’ve had the same outcome if he had stood there and complied. It’s been seen time and time again. Philando Castile informed the officer that he legally had a weapon before attempting to get his license like the officer wanted before being shot. What I find even more shocking about the Sean Reed incident is that the same day is that two men of the opposite color did the same thing minus being on Facebook live and these two men were armed plus wearing body armor. Those two men were also arrested without injury. They live to see another day. So my question in this case is, “What made them less of a threat?”

During a time where my boys (Age 11 and 7) are supposed to be living young, wild, and free; they must start their life lessons. Those lessons go something like this:

  • These are the laws you must study today. Always know your rights.
  • When you get pulled over stay calm, turn your music down, have your license and registration attached to the visor overhead so it is always readily available, and no matter what keep your hands on the steering wheel. Do whatever you have to do to drive away safely.
  • When you walk in the store take your hood off. It does not matter that the person next to you of the opposite color has his on. You are seen as a threat and he is not. Also keep your hands out of your pockets until you leave out the store.
  • When talking to an officer or anyone else make sure your hands are visible at all times to prevent the escalation of the fear within a person that could cause harm to you.
  • Choose your battles wisely
  • Most importantly, should you find yourself in a situation where it is your life or someone else’s, DEFEND yourself at all times.

These are the life lessons that many children males and females of color have to go through at a young age. It does not matter that my children have been raised in the suburbs their whole lives and that their parents are veterans. Once they leave our neighborhood and even inside, they are still just a color to many that are filled with ignorant information about people like them. Many ask, “What do we do?” I wonder if there is anything we can do. There are still so many blind to everything that’s happening, many do not want to speak out because of fear of backlash, and then there are the main ones that are part of the problem. So for those that read this and want to chime in, feel free to tell me, “What do we do?”


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  1. Such an amazing read! It is sad that as a black woman you worry about your life each time you step foot outside of your home, and even more it’s happening while at home too. The place you should feel safest is no longer safe either. You worry about your loved ones daily too. It’s crazy you have to wake up and send them out the door with good intentions of a safe return unharmed.

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  2. Another day, another dead Black man. I am so tired of hearing these stories, I know they are important, I will continue to watch for them, but they break my damned heart. I keep thinking that our ancestors fought so hard for us to be free, and wondering if my future children will grow in a world that views them as a skin color more than it does as human beings. Beautiful read thank you for this.

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    • I look at my boys and dread the day that I have to let them go out into this world. Videos over and over again to the point that like you I’m tired of them and it takes me some time to watch. I still haven’t watched all of the Sean Reed video. It’s going a coming together like never before for this to end, but in order for that to happen we must get out of the barrel other people would have us staying in.

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      • I try not to watch the videos, I can’t ignite that side of myself for my mental health unfortunately, but I hear enough to know what’s going on. I am so afraid to have children because I never want them to be at risk which you understand.

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      • I wish that I too, had thought like you and had had no children. I feel as though I am to blame for bringing Black children into a world that is wholly against them from birth to death, and I knew this because of the racism that I experienced before I had them. There is no use pretending that things will get better because as we can see, they are not.

        And so I beg of you, don’t be stupid like I was. Don’t bring anymore Black children into this world, only to suffer due to something that is not even their fault. Whites are insane; that should be clearly understood since it is not our fault that we are even here in Amerikkka to begin with.


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