The Sacrifice

Close your eyes and listen closely,

As you stand in this space take in the moment. 

Can you hear it?

The soft chains rattling in the distance,

The haunting melodies of your ancestors singing,

The footsteps shuffling through the sand towards the water.

This place is not for them. 

This place will not be their prison. 

Just as the lyrics to the song they sing,

The water brought them here, the water will take them away.

The time for spirits is high,

Open your eyes and watch the world come alive. 

Do you see them?

Out in the distance,

Chains so loud you want to cover your ears,

Melodies sung with such passion your eyes water,

Footsteps closer to the water making you want to reach out to stop them. 

Just as you take a step forward one turns to you.

She is beautiful and she is fearless.

In your head her voice speaks so clearly,

“This is our sacrifice, don’t let it be in vain.”

Side note: Thank you to the many ancestors that gave their lives at The Igbo Landing. Let’s not let their sacrifice be in vain. We must do better.


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    • It is at Dunbar Creek in St. Simons Island, GA. They refer to it as The Igbo (also spelled Ibo) Landing because it’s one of the largest mass suicides of enslaved people and they were all Igbo people.

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  1. This hit my heart! I remember learning about Igbo Landing. I cannot imagine the fear they felt, to walk into the water to drown chained to one another. I hear, that during a certain time of night, you can still hear them chanting the hymns, and it’s an eerie sound. I imagine them being hurt, but the strength of my people fill my blood. It’s one hell of a feeling to have that kind of strength running through my body. And if anyone ever noticed Beyoncé paying homage to our ancestors in her Lemonade film, Love Drought.

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