You Were My Downfall

As I lie here in the middle of the street,

My thoughts drift to you

I wonder what you’re doing, if you’re happy, and if 

you found someone to replace me

Replace me…..

That’s what you’ll be doing

Replacing me for someone to make new memories with

You’ll go on to live happily ever after,

But I won’t

For me, there is no one else

There is no more life

Soon a car will come up the street going too fast

The driver will be just leaving the bar and shouldn’t be behind the wheel

They won’t see me changing my mind and trying to get up

By then it will have been too late

And as I lie there in my final moments, my thoughts drift to you again

I pray that when you see this on the news you will finally think of me

I pray that you’ll be filled with visions of my face, my smile, and my smell

I pray that you have someone to comfort you through it all

And most importantly, I pray that you will know

You were my downfall

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  1. When you love someone, it can make you do some hell of a things, and you’re usually at the center of it. You have so many questions, but the one that lingers is, why?

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