1932 Love

Savoy Ballroom in Harlem

You gave me that 1932 love

That love that brought you to my house and you asked my mother and fathers permission to court me

That love where you dressed up in your finest threads

I dressed up in my best dress that came just below the knee to give the right amount of modesty

Then we cruised down the street in your fancy car

I’d look over at you and you’d glance at me,

Both caught up in promises of forever

Making it to our destination, the soulful rhythm hitting our ears just outside the door

Guiding us to the middle of the dance floor,

Just stomping at the Savoy.

Oh did we swing the night away

That night led to many other nights

We would be like our parents

Having that love that wasn’t afraid to be put on display

Seeing them sneak kisses in the kitchen, mama blushing from daddy’s compliment,

And that united front they had.

They were the blueprint for us leading up to this day

Seeing you unapologetically cry as I walk down the aisle on daddy’s arm.

My God, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than that moment.

That moment will forever be embedded in my memory

For that moment was the deepest display of love you have shown for me.

Your gratitude of being blessed with a love like ours.

A love many will seek

That 1932 love.


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