I’m Not Afraid To Need Him

I was raised to be this strong black woman

I didn’t need anyone for anything

Especially a man

I could do it all on my own

That’s what growing up in my household taught me

That’s how I went through life

Until I met him

His entrance into my world was as beautiful as a forehead kiss on a warm summer night under a full moon surrounded by twinkling stars

He broke down walls I didn’t even know I had in place

And showed me endless possibilities of what could be

From him I learned that everybody needs somebody

Everybody needs something

Nothing can be done off the strength of one person

Beauty is within and everyone must love themselves

But loving someone else shifts the meaning of love all together

I wasn’t ashamed to say that for the first time I needed someone

I needed him like I needed air

I needed him like I was stuck in the middle of the desert and he was my last drop of water


This need does not make me weak

It doesn’t take away my independency

It has evolved me 

I am still that strong black woman that I was raised to be

But now I am better just off of the strength of him

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