I Thought I Told You

I saw this photo in a writing group and it encouraged people to tell a story about the picture so here it goes…

I told you I didn’t love you,

At least I thought I did.

They say actions speak louder than words

And my actions SCREAMED at you.

We talked less, we touched less, and

Making love has become nonexistent.

I thought you understood what that meant.

You asked me why I didn’t say I was unhappy,

But how can you hear it when most of my time is spent next to him.

He gets the touches, he gets the talks, and when we make love it the most beautiful experience in the world.

Now I know all of this sounds like an excuse

Especially when I’ve been so vocal about my feelings

Truth is I’m a coward

Too scared of how deeply and quickly I fell in love with you

So now I’ve convinced myself that I really don’t love you

I’ve convinced myself that those actions screaming at you were my true feeling when in reality I’m just running

Please don’t blame yourself for any of this, you honestly did nothing wrong.

My way of loving was damaged long ago.

As I leave you for him take comfort in one thing

Just like I hurt you is how I’ll hurt him.

One thought on “I Thought I Told You

  1. Great read for many broken relationships like this. It’s crazy a lot of people go through these kinds of relationships daily. These are those I won’t be satisfied until I kill you toxic relationships. It should never have to go that far.

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