It’s Already Been Buried

Standing up, I wipe my brow after throwing the last dirt on the grave

It’s done

It should have been done long ago, but

At last, it is done

The best part is, no one knows the grave is here

Should someone find it, surely they’ll have no idea who buried it here

They’ll probably be thankful that someone did it

Going to my car I laugh with glee

The world will now be free

I go to the busiest street and park needing to feel this new world

Out of my car and smack dab in the middle of it

Smack dab in the middle of the same chaos I just buried

How could this be!

It was supposed to end!

It’s still the same!

Countless brown skinned men and women on the ground

Their cries fill the air until I cover my ears

I yell as loud as I can, “I BURIED YOU!”


Sitting on the ground I watch it all continue to play out

So what America is telling me is that even though I tried the bury racism it’s too late because it’s already been done.

The seeds were planted deeply so long ago in the minds and it’s roots are now stronger and it’s branches are even longer

Reaching the minds of the unsuspecting and innocent until it creates the intended divide

The realization hits me so powerfully that I grab my head and shout to all that can hear, “WHEN DOES IT END?”


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  1. This was a way better ending! That last line I could feel. That’s the question, when? I cannot even begin to say how I’ve cried watching this happen. It’s something that needs to happen, but the real question is, when? Will there ever be an ending to racism, I want to be optimistic about it, but I doubt it. We have too many years of this, and as you said, “ the seeds were planted deeply so long ago in the minds and it’s roots are now stronger and it’s branches are even longer”. Changing that takes so much to reverse along with the line of others still teaching it to other generations that are coming into the world. And still it lies, when?

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    • I don’t think it will ever end. I think now people are more aware of it and will be moving forward, but for some it’s embedded too deep and will continue on more quietly.


      • I definitely have to agree with you on that, a lot of quiet racism and murders happening and being overlooked. It’s a sad situation.


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