When The Mask Comes Off

Photo Obtained from Pinterest. Artist is : Laurie Cooper

The façade has ended

The person you created is gone

The one I’m truly intended

To be has arrived

I gave you all of me

And you still couldn’t see

The damage done over time

Digging deep inside

I cried out for help

I begged you to stop

Let me be

And set me free

But like a bird you caged me

Determined not to let me sing

The trauma you inflicted

Has been evicted

I have found my voice

Now you must listen

As I unburden my truth

When the mask comes off


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  1. At that 3:00 am hour
    Melanin released into
    Our beings light bodies
    Emerges into astral realm
    We find ourselves in midst
    Of magnetic cosmic cloud
    Of fire of desire moaning
    In anticipation I reach
    For your hand pulling you
    Into sweet embrace of love
    Unconditional with full
    Embracement of who you are
    Kissing you passionately feeling
    My vibrations reasonating with
    Your every desire is my desire
    My every desire is your desire
    We make love in the astral realm
    With pleas to find each other
    In the physical realm to magnify
    Our climax to your ultimate orgasm
    Our mask is off and no more pretending
    No more holding back knowing I cum
    When you cum with who who desire
    With me or without me you cum
    When I cum with whom I desire
    With you or without you but always
    Our nights ends with us in loving embrace
    Blissful erotic orgasms as I tell you
    I love you and you tell me I love you
    Your fantasies is my fantasies
    My fantasies is your fantasies
    We share them together
    When not with each other
    It’s all good for the night
    Always ends with each other
    You are my first priority
    I am your first priority
    Mask off and eternal love
    With each other!

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    • All too soon the sun rises
      Ceasing an astral bond
      Once again
      Highlighting your wicked ways
      Fantasies become twisted realities
      And traumatic love songs
      That sing a tale where
      Romeo must die for
      Juliet to fly
      Reborn like a phoenix from the ashes
      No longer a slave to the mask
      That was designed to lock the mind
      In a dungeon of charismatic servitude
      Waiting for the day the universe brought
      Forth it’s magical key
      Unlocking newfound knowledge and a voice
      A voice that could only be heard
      When the mask fell off


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