Kundalini Connection

Artist Unknown

I am in love with your aura

It consumes me

Fills me with the very being of you

White, Crystal clear

The perfect balance

Of healing nature that calms me

Taking us both on a spiritual wave of ecstasy

We meditate

At the center of earths core

We transcend

In each other’s embrace

Surrounded by blinding white light

Radiating with the pulse of limitless energy

Moving through our bodies

Rising higher and higher

Like a kundalini awakening

Our ascension is complete

When He Speaks

Artwork Obtained From Pinterest: Justin Copeland


That flow from his mouth effortlessly

Have a profound effect on me

Making me stop in my tracks and take notice

He has much to say

So much information that my mental is sent on a sensory overload

Overwhelmed by the knowledge he delivers

Awakening a part of me that has lay dormant

For quite some time

He stops and looks directly at me

Everyone in the room disappears

Just us two

Communicating with our eyes because the eyes don’t lie

They show you in your truest form

Me, open and vulnerable

Him, strong and secure

Immediately finding his Betty to his Malcolm

He’s ready to have me and protect me by any means necessary

Shook, I turn and leave

Needing to put space between whatever is happening

But not far out the door a strong hand stops me

Turning me

Capturing me in his eyes again

And when he speaks to me

The words flow effortlessly from his mouth

Have a profound effect on me

Stops me in my tracks and makes me take notice

No Longer Living To Die

Artist Unknown

Are we living to die?

Constant tears watering graves as countless mothers cry.

Brothers, sisters, husbands, uncles, nieces, and somebody’s cousin gone away.

While it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday is left in the background to play.

What is it about us that you fear?

Is it the melanin engraved deep beneath our skin?

The skin the gives proof of where live begins?

Within us we gave birth to many generations,

Powerful enough to lead nations.

Or maybe you’re scared of what we leave behind; Legacies

Legacies you intended to strip from us with your privilege

Your privilege that no longer compares

To the generational wealth we now create

The generational wealth that scares you like our melanin

Our generational wealth that will transform our black dollars into black businesses

So you’re scared

Scared enough to use your badge and privilege to sin

That many sins you committed by taking the life

Of the descents from where life began

Confident, that’s what you have been with each one taken

Our silence has had you severely mistaken

We have walked in the light of peace like Martin

But oh how quickly we can get it cracking like Malcolm

For it was he that said:

Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.

Now that I have your attention, let me be clear

We are done being filled with fear whenever we get pulled over

There will be no justification for the wrong doings of others

Our voices will not be silenced or bought

No longer will loved ones spend countless times in the cemetery

Consider the grass to be overwater by mother’s tears

No longer will we live to die.

Caught Up In

Artist Unknown

I am caught up in your beauty

Not the outside beauty,

That’s the beauty everyone sees

The superficial way of viewing beings like you.

I could easily get caught up in those

Your nutmeg skin that glows when the sun hits it just right

Your dark brown eyes that have the ability to hold me in a trance becoming a slave to your every wish

Those perfectly shaped lips that make me long to feel them against mine for never ending amounts of time

And that body that you spend countless hours in the gym crafting and molding to perfection

Yeah, I can easily get wrapped up in those

But that type of beauty fades when it’s unmatched internally

No I wanna dive into the depths of your soul

Explore all the manners mama instilled in you while reveling in that swag daddy gave you

I want to blush when you say sweet things to me

Compliment how much of a gentleman you are every time you open my door

Squeal when you randomly pick me up and spin me around

And feel my heart melt every time that precious little girl that we created has you doing something girlie just to make her happy

That’s the beauty I’m in love with

That I find myself caught up in.

Energy Never Dies

Artist Unknown

We’re the it couple

The ride or die couple

I’m Bonnie and you’re Clyde


I don’t wanna be your Bonnie

You can’t be my Clyde

In the end Bonnie and Clyde died

And baby we’re not meant to die

We will travel through this world many times

See nations fall and people rise

They will cheer us on each time

As we ride through the states yelling


Die we shall not

Again, that’s just something we don’t do

Because I’m not Bonnie and your not Clyde

When we ride, we ride

And when it all said and done

As our body’s lay to rest

We will return to our original form

Floating through time and space

Energy never dies