Death Doesn’t Discriminate

Photo Inspiration: Leslie Odom Jr in Hamilton

Death doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints.

As Leslie Odom Jr. sings the words on stage

during Hamilton,

I am filled with questions.

If death does not discriminate,

Why do we hate it so much?

In death eyes there’s equality in all lives,

But in the churches filled with our cries,

We can’t help but to ask,


Why didn’t death wait for this one?

This life that was so pure and innocent.

Still with years to grow, lessons to learn, and a few heartbreaks.

Why didn’t death wait?

Even if it was just one more day.

A day that could be spent showering with

Love and affection.

Promises and held back tears.

Until the time to say goodbye and once again be filled with questions of why.

Awaiting a satisfactory response, but

the response will always be the same.

Death doesn’t discriminate.

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