Mornings With You

Artist Unknown

I remember early mornings

Eating home cooked breakfast

Smoked jowl, rice, and biscuits

Sitting at the table watching you fix my plate

Getting lost in the taste

But stopping at the sight of you

Across from me

Dark Afro hair

Smooth brown skin

Round face

That hang under your chin

My attention always went to that hang

That would shake every time you took a bite

Oh how I miss that sight

How I miss

Early mornings

At the table

Eating home cooked breakfast

With you

3 thoughts on “Mornings With You

      1. OH That is SO Much better than what I thought. It sounded like a love letter, which I see now it totally was, but I was picturing a man, 🙄 your way is way more beautiful. Well done Kaya

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