My Winter Song

On the back of the deck

Thoughts of you flow through my brain

The temperature has dropped and

Darkness surrounds us earlier

The fireplace crackles with warmth inside

And mugs are filled with hot chocolate

But the outside gets all of my time

Out here is where we created our fondest memories

Our first snowball fight and footprints in the snow

Love and laughter through the air

As our bond continues to grow

I watch you now,

In the middle of the yard as the snowflakes fall

The most beautiful snow angel I’ve ever seen

No other moment could be as perfect

Than now

When I walk down the steps to join you

Taking your hand and getting on one knee

The tears filling your eyes as you look down at me

Placing the ring on your finger as I profess my love

On the first day of solstice

In the middle of our yard

Snow falling

Love in your eyes

With the words of my proposal becoming

My winter song,


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