Late Night Slumber

Photo Inspiration: Artist Unknown


Awakens me from my peaceful slumber

Suddenly overwhelmed with thoughts of you

My heart races

Needing to lay eyes on you

To touch you

Rain tapping the window draws me to it

There I find you

Standing as if you’re waiting for me

I take in the sight of you

Golden brown skin that stands out in the darkness, hazel eyes, locs piled up in a bun,

And a smirk that reveals a hint of the gold slugs in your mouth.

The light mist of rain on your face gives the appearance of a recent run, but your clothing

says differently.

Gray sweatpants, white tee, and Jordans let me know you came straight from home.

Straight to me

And I waste no time bringing you in

From the rain

Into my arms to peacefully slumber again

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