Caught Up In

Artist Unknown

I am caught up in your beauty

Not the outside beauty,

That’s the beauty everyone sees

The superficial way of viewing beings like you.

I could easily get caught up in those

Your nutmeg skin that glows when the sun hits it just right

Your dark brown eyes that have the ability to hold me in a trance becoming a slave to your every wish

Those perfectly shaped lips that make me long to feel them against mine for never ending amounts of time

And that body that you spend countless hours in the gym crafting and molding to perfection

Yeah, I can easily get wrapped up in those

But that type of beauty fades when it’s unmatched internally

No I wanna dive into the depths of your soul

Explore all the manners mama instilled in you while reveling in that swag daddy gave you

I want to blush when you say sweet things to me

Compliment how much of a gentleman you are every time you open my door

Squeal when you randomly pick me up and spin me around

And feel my heart melt every time that precious little girl that we created has you doing something girlie just to make her happy

That’s the beauty I’m in love with

That I find myself caught up in.

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