When He Speaks

Artwork Obtained From Pinterest: Justin Copeland


That flow from his mouth effortlessly

Have a profound effect on me

Making me stop in my tracks and take notice

He has much to say

So much information that my mental is sent on a sensory overload

Overwhelmed by the knowledge he delivers

Awakening a part of me that has lay dormant

For quite some time

He stops and looks directly at me

Everyone in the room disappears

Just us two

Communicating with our eyes because the eyes don’t lie

They show you in your truest form

Me, open and vulnerable

Him, strong and secure

Immediately finding his Betty to his Malcolm

He’s ready to have me and protect me by any means necessary

Shook, I turn and leave

Needing to put space between whatever is happening

But not far out the door a strong hand stops me

Turning me

Capturing me in his eyes again

And when he speaks to me

The words flow effortlessly from his mouth

Have a profound effect on me

Stops me in my tracks and makes me take notice

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