Artist Unknown

My grandmother once told me that to find ones self was to find true love

Coincidentally, I found true love and with that I found you

On the hottest day of summer

On a quest for redemption

Trekking through the Kelso Dunes of the Mojave Dessert

So lost in my thoughts that I didn’t hear your shout of warning as I collided into you

Thankful for the strong arms that prevented my fall, I took a moment to steady my beating heart

Before looking up into the most startling golden eyes that caused it to speed back up again

Those very eyes that have now loved me for 25 years

Reminding me of the day that I found myself and I found you


Artist Unknown


On a gentle breeze


Through the air towards a new destination

A new path

A path much smoother

Than the one before that was filled with broken glass and harsh realities

Not for the faint of heart

Trials and tribulations added

Weight to daily stresses

Battered and bruised, you emerged a new

New being of light

Traveling the world to cast out the darkness

Plucked from the wings of ma’at

To bear witness at the scale

The scale which now possesses two important pieces of life

The feather and the heart

Sealing the fate of many who make it to this place

Many who have let the paved roads of broken glass and harsh realities

Determine their fate

Now here you are

The one who has floated in with

The feather of ma’at

The same feather now on the scale

Tell me,

Which one is lighter

Photo Obtained From: Myself

Embedded on my body like the ink

From a Cheyenne hawk pen

I watch the memories flash as

It touches my skin

Watching the very moment you walked in

I was entranced by you

You were fixated on me

Everyone disappeared

Only you and I mattered

Journeying through time with

Maxwells Ascension playing on repeat

We became many first for each other

Many first that would come to an abrupt end

A bittersweet ending for a tattooed love story

That fades over time, but still a visible reminder of what was

Between you and I

Moments in time

Embedded deeply by a Cheyenne Hawk Pen

Forming tattooed memories

Photo Inspiration: Artist Unknown


Awakens me from my peaceful slumber

Suddenly overwhelmed with thoughts of you

My heart races

Needing to lay eyes on you

To touch you

Rain tapping the window draws me to it

There I find you

Standing as if you’re waiting for me

I take in the sight of you

Golden brown skin that stands out in the darkness, hazel eyes, locs piled up in a bun,

And a smirk that reveals a hint of the gold slugs in your mouth.

The light mist of rain on your face gives the appearance of a recent run, but your clothing

says differently.

Gray sweatpants, white tee, and Jordans let me know you came straight from home.

Straight to me

And I waste no time bringing you in

From the rain

Into my arms to peacefully slumber again

Kai, the gorgeous girl who now loves her hair.

You hated your hair.

You wished it looked more like the girl on tv.

Long and straight.

But you’re not like the girl on tv.

You are one of my greatest creations.

Coffee with a dab of cream colored skin,

Brown eyes that sparkle in the sun,

The brightest smile that winks with dimples

In each cheek.

And your hair;

The hair that you didn’t like,

Is now your favorite after a year with locs.

Locs that resemble the strong roots that you come from.

Roots that want you to see the beauty that is inside and out.

Roots that will do whatever to protect you and shower you with love.

Roots that have now taught you to,

Love your hair.

Thoughts while writing: As a parent, we want our children to love everything about themselves. Especially when living in a world that does everything to get them to hate themselves. Although Kai is young, I noticed she was very self conscious about her hair. Mainly because a lot of videos she saw would have girls that looked the complete opposite of her with long straight hair and she thought that’s what she needed. For Kai that’s not possible since she’s this chocolate ball of energy with the curliest hair that shrinks. So she would always ask if her hair was short and things like that. Fast forward to her brothers getting locs and she fell in love. She asked for a year to get locs. I made her wait so long because she’s young and I wanted to be sure that she really wanted them. Finally I started them for her and a year later she is the only one still going strong with her journey.

Your buildings were on fire

Businesses now closed

The streets have flooded

We will not back down

Long gone are the days of rose colored glasses

Silence is no longer an acceptance for the masses

White flags known as bills passed equate to progress

While murderers still roam to protect and serve

Where is the justice

Justice for the brother and sister we watched lose their life

Again and again we watch them die

Anger rises and hashtags trend

As a new wave of revolution begins

Insert occurrences of entanglements

America’s form of entertainment

Now the injustices of the world become distant strangers

Smoke and Mirrors

Photo Inspiration obtained from Pinterest : ig@kervs_art.

Stimulate me

In the crevices of my cranium

Tantalize me

In the depth of my universe

My third eye tingles

While our energies mingle

Inhale, exhale

I can feel you

Through tantra

My lotus flower releases

The essence of my soul

Becomes intertwined with yours

And together we arrive

As one

On the back of the deck

Thoughts of you flow through my brain

The temperature has dropped and

Darkness surrounds us earlier

The fireplace crackles with warmth inside

And mugs are filled with hot chocolate

But the outside gets all of my time

Out here is where we created our fondest memories

Our first snowball fight and footprints in the snow

Love and laughter through the air

As our bond continues to grow

I watch you now,

In the middle of the yard as the snowflakes fall

The most beautiful snow angel I’ve ever seen

No other moment could be as perfect

Than now

When I walk down the steps to join you

Taking your hand and getting on one knee

The tears filling your eyes as you look down at me

Placing the ring on your finger as I profess my love

On the first day of solstice

In the middle of our yard

Snow falling

Love in your eyes

With the words of my proposal becoming

My winter song,


Artist Unknown

They say you’re a sinner and

I’m a saint

So that makes us a perfect pair

From what I heard

A saint is just a sinner who fell down

And got up

Well I got up in front of you,

Reaching out my hand

I help you stand

Next to me and we sin again

Together, On a seesaw of redemption

When I’m up, you’re down

When you’re down, I’m up

Both there as a reminder

We have each other

Saints and Sinners