Appreciate Me Now

Appreciate me now

Your tears will not be welcomed when I’m gone

They will only water my grave with your regrets

And memories you’d soon forget

Just like the times when I gave you my all

Only to find that was never enough

Because to you that was nothing

A single no overshadowing a lifetime of yeses

Pulling me in every direction

Leading me to the place I was destined

The place that we must all go one day

But for me it came early

Like the sun coming over the horizon

Casting a glow on the morning dew

That settles on the grass of my resting place

Where you now stand with your tears falling

And sobs of sorrow

Carried away on the cool breeze that brushes against

Bringing with it the gentle whisper of my last reply:

Have you finally learned to



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  1. I always tell people to show love and appreciation now. I know that I’ve done absolutely everything for my mom that being disabled allowed me to. She sadly passed 💔 and the people who never showed face for her when she was here, I just know they’re crumbling now

    Good read and Thank you ❤

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    • I’m so sorry for your loss. It always saddens me how no one ever wants to enjoy a person while they are here, but when they’re gone it’s always fb statuses and a host of other things to show love smh. I recently just told my husband when it’s my time keep everything short and simple because people should’ve showed the extra love when I was here.


      • It’s sad but true. She has sisters that literally lives 5 houses down and 1 around the corner and she received 0 visits with little help. She died in a hospital alone and I didn’t recieve a ride but her absent sisters were there causing a scene. She had a closed casket because #1 she asked and #2 people had numerous times to see her alive. People were upset but I truly could less. I think that’s a good choice for you to keep everything short..nobody really cares about you until it is 2 late 💔


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