Photo By: Kai (My 6 year old daughter)

My children, it has been a long time

I see you have forgotten about me

Forgotten where you came from

I have blessed you with so much, but still you take

Take for granted all you have received

The clean waters; you turn dirty

The tall trees; you trade for paper

The precious animals; you slaughter for sport

Do you not know the innocent lives you are taking?

Those clean waters is home to many

Those trees give oxygen

Those animals such as the mother rabbit who you caught one day while she gathered food for her babies; she was a life worth living.

I have watched you and become broken with each passing day

Have you not noticed the change in me?

Since when is it common for winter to feel like summer?

I guess it does not matter

Even in the midst of a pandemic you still ignore the warnings.

You have ignored the warnings and one of the most important lessons.

Just as I have blessed you,

I can take it all away.