Artist Unknown

I love the way it feels in my hand

The firmness of my grip as I hold it

The smoothness of its surface

The length that’s not too long and not too short

The boldness that fills me with the thoughts of its creation

The steady pleasure it releases

And also the disappointment of when it runs out

Now I am in need of another….


Note: If your mind was else where, shame on you. I’m just attempting to touch my humorous side today 😂.

I’m going to plant a garden, but not just any garden

This garden will be an ode to my grandmother and the beautiful flowers she had

To the left is where my rose bushes will be

Further down will be the sunflowers, a garden must have those

On the right will be the elephant ears and maybe even an apple tree

Throughout the yard will be sprinkles of morning glories and chrysanthemums.

This garden will be the best garden ever because it’ll be just like my grandmothers

There’s only one problem, I’ve never planted a flower in my whole life and all my potted plants die

I guess the garden will be in my head like the memories of her