Sentimental Mood

Duke Ellington & John Coltrane

As a day of April showers brings me to the bay window

The familiar strains of In A Sentimental Mood flows out of the speakers

The Duke and Mr. Coltrane have entered the building

Putting me in a state of mind I haven’t visited in a while as the drops tap dance against the window

Closing my eyes I am transported to a time where love began to make sense

A time when you entered my life and everything swirled together like the paint on a canvas as it’s poured and twirled to make the most magnificent creation

A creation that could only be completed with the happy ending of us two

The feeling fills me as your strong arms enfold me into your embrace

Absorbing my emotions and releasing a positive charge of your own

Balancing us both as we sway to the tunes

Happily in a sentimental mood