Artist Unknown

It all started with a simple conversation.

A conversation filled with many hesitant questions that I told myself were irrelevant.

Internally battling that voice that replaced my curiosity with fear.

Fear of finding everything I had been told was all an illusion.

An illusion created to keep many in a deep slumber while the wicked ran rampant.

Free of all consequences while the lost ones looked on with the rose colored glasses they were given so long ago.

Just as I have been for many years.

Until a simple conversation brought forth a simple question,

Can I tell you something?

The something was like finding pages and pages of a lost text.

The erased writings on the wall our ancestors left.

Now returned to its rightful owners.

To decipher the meaning.

As they awaken from their slumber.

With eyes wide open.

As I closed my eyes, I remember the feeling of floating to another place.

In this place, I was barefoot walking through the woods. Every snap of a twig and crunch of a leaf made my feel as if I was going to somewhere of importance.

The sound of tribal music could be heard from the distance so I follow it until I find the source.

The brightest fire could be seen burning as a man dances around it.

What stood out the most is a woman, her eyes held secrets with a side of no nonsense, she is relaxed and in her element, her locs hang loose and she is looking directly at me.

In my mind I hear her speak her name and her name is Lavender. She looks in a direction and I know to go that way.

Although I want to stay, the journey must continue.

I am now at the bottom of a mountain and doubt I am able to climb it. That is until a grey and white wolf appears behind me growling.

Fear propels me up the mountain and before I know it I am halfway up.

Looking down the wolf is there watching and fear is removed from the equation.

There is familiarity in the wolf just like I felt when I looked at Lavender.

Both play a role in this quest and equally important.

With a whisper of gratitude and newfound strength, I climb to the top of the mountain and open my eyes into my ascension.

She dwelled at the bottom of the sea
Heartbroken from what they had done to her
They came like a thief in the night
All that she knew, they took
Her children were gone and so was her home
Placed on a strange boat to a strange land
They took everything from her except her pride
Her pride would not allow her to cower and hide from them
She would leave this world before she gave the last of her to them
Just as they came is how she left
Into the water and away from it all
She gave herself freely to a body that asked for nothing
Mother Yemaya could take her; those strange people were not worthy
Last breath taken when new life began
She dwelled at the bottom of the sea
With her arms stretched open wide
Embracing all those who wished to be free.