Photo Inspiration: Oya and Shango

She called to him during the storm

As the tornados twirled and the winds howled

She danced for him

Draped in his color of red

Hints of skin showing

She enticed him with her movements

The jewels on her anklet played a tune as they shook

Calling for him to join her

In the rain, as the tornados twirled, and the

Winds howled

She called to him

And with the sound of thunder

While riding in on a lightning bolt

He answered

I remember the time I thought I lost you

I woke up early for some reason and couldn’t feel you

My world was so off balance I needed you to steady it

I journeyed up to the stars for you,

But got caught up trying to wish on a shooting star as the rest danced around Mother Moon as she waited to welcome Father Sun

I traveled to the still waters and watched,

As Yemoja washed ashore all of her offerings, but you were not one.

I hoped to see you on a streak of lightning,

That Shango rode into battle with thunder booming all around him

Then I chased the storm,

As Oya tore through the city in a rage.

I wonder if anyone saw me over there shouting your name,

As she whipped down the street laughing at her destruction.

I wonder if they saw me duck,

When everything on the street followed behind her not caring where it landed.

As the wind pushed me over and I awaited the embrace of the ground.

It was at this moment of her destruction that I found myself in your arms,

Your warm arms were the ground replacement.

Your beating heart was the warriors cry of protection.

You had been with me all along

Your presence stronger when I needed you most

You were the shooting the star that was too fast to wish on.

You were the force behind the water Yemoja used to give her offerings

You were the thunder that announced the lightning for Shango

And as Oya barreled through unapologetically,

You are my shelter from the storm set to destroy all.

Now I am your comfort after a hard day’s work that will continue again tomorrow.

She dwelled at the bottom of the sea
Heartbroken from what they had done to her
They came like a thief in the night
All that she knew, they took
Her children were gone and so was her home
Placed on a strange boat to a strange land
They took everything from her except her pride
Her pride would not allow her to cower and hide from them
She would leave this world before she gave the last of her to them
Just as they came is how she left
Into the water and away from it all
She gave herself freely to a body that asked for nothing
Mother Yemaya could take her; those strange people were not worthy
Last breath taken when new life began
She dwelled at the bottom of the sea
With her arms stretched open wide
Embracing all those who wished to be free.