As I closed my eyes, I remember the feeling of floating to another place.

In this place, I was barefoot walking through the woods. Every snap of a twig and crunch of a leaf made my feel as if I was going to somewhere of importance.

The sound of tribal music could be heard from the distance so I follow it until I find the source.

The brightest fire could be seen burning as a man dances around it.

What stood out the most is a woman, her eyes held secrets with a side of no nonsense, she is relaxed and in her element, her locs hang loose and she is looking directly at me.

In my mind I hear her speak her name and her name is Lavender. She looks in a direction and I know to go that way.

Although I want to stay, the journey must continue.

I am now at the bottom of a mountain and doubt I am able to climb it. That is until a grey and white wolf appears behind me growling.

Fear propels me up the mountain and before I know it I am halfway up.

Looking down the wolf is there watching and fear is removed from the equation.

There is familiarity in the wolf just like I felt when I looked at Lavender.

Both play a role in this quest and equally important.

With a whisper of gratitude and newfound strength, I climb to the top of the mountain and open my eyes into my ascension.